Meyerding Retractor 52x16 mm x 25 cm Surgical Instrument – Medikrebs Corp.

Meyerding Retractor 52x16 mm x 25 cm Surgical Instrument

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Instrument Description: Meyerding Retractors are used in procedures involving large muscle masses, such asoperations of the back muscles. It has an overall length of 25 cm. The hollow handle is optimized for tough procedures with its large size and anteroinferior finger rest that improves the operator's grip. The neck is tapering, but has a resilient thickness, and ends with a wide blade that is positioned at right angles to the handle. The straight terminus of the blade has teeth along its length to enhance the retractor's grip on tough muscle tissues. Several blade sizes are available to accommodate different surgical preferences and anatomical requirements. Medikrebs manufactures Meyerding Retractors from durable German stainless steel that can withstand long-term wear and tear. Each retractor can be easily sterilized and will continue to provide reliable use in your surgical practice.

 Size:  52x16 mm x 25 cm
Author: Meyerding 
Product: Retractor
Profile: w/ Teeth
Handle Type: Round Handle
Brand: Medikrebs Corp
Specialty: Neurosurgery Instruments
Features: Autoclaveable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade