Gerster Lowman Bone Holding Clamp 22 cm – Medikrebs Corp.

Gerster Lowman Bone Holding Clamp 22 cm

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Instrument Description: The Gerster-Lowman Bone Holding Clamp is used by orthopedic surgeons for holding fractured bone in alignment while plate and screws are placed. Gerster-Lowman Bone Holding Clamp has three curved, grasping, blunt claws at the working end that are tightened into position by turning the screw mechanism at the proximal end. Gerster-Lowman Bone Holding clamps are precision manufactured with adequately curved claws and a reliable screw mechanism to provide surgeons with maximum control over fractured bones. Gerster-Lowman Bone Holding clamp is manufactured from high quality surgical stainless steel, and its whole size is 22 cm.

 Size:  22 cm
Author: Gerster Lowman 
Product: Bone Holding Clamp
Profile: 3 Prongs
Handle Type:  
Brand: Medikrebs Corp
Specialty: Orthopedic Instruments
Features: Autoclavable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade