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Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor 15 cm

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Size: 15 cm
Author: Gelpi
Product: Self Retaining Retractor
Handle Type: Ring Handle
Brand: Medikrebs
Specialty: General Surgery
Features: Autoclavable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade


Instrument Description:

The Gelpi Retractor is a self-retaining scissor-like device that is used for making symmetrical retractions on deep soft tissues to widen the surgical field. It features two lightweight finger ring handles that are designed to provide heightened dexterity. The ratchet assembly allow the handles to be fixed at the desired width. The blades have a streamlined lateral arch that was made to optimize the surgical view. Each blade ends with a lateral tapering hook. The featured retractor has an overall length of 15 cm. Larger retractors that have a length of 19 cm are also available. Medikrebs manufacture Gelpi Self Retaining Retractors from durable German stainless steel materials that can be sterilized easily after each procedure to render a long-lasting performance in your general surgery procedures.