Doyen Vaginal Speculum Concaved 55 mm x 45 mm - 23.5 cm – Medikrebs Corp.

Doyen Vaginal Speculum Concaved 55 mm x 45 mm - 23.5 cm

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Instrument Details: 

The Doyen Vaginal Speculum is a slightly concave vaginal speculum that is used to retract the vaginal wall and visualize the interior of the vaginal cavity during pelvic examinations, vaginal biopsy, pap smear and high vaginal swab for sensitivity and culture. The instrument consists of an almost flat blade which has a slight concave shape that is attached to a handle. The blades are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 63 by 35 mm to 175 by 60 mm for different surgical needs. All of our Doyen Vaginal Specula are crafted with the finest quality surgical grade stainless steel to ensure durability and may be sterilized and reused for years of service.

 Size: 55 mm x 45 mm - 23.5 cm
Author: Doyen
Product: Vaginal Speculum
Profile: Slightly Concave
Brand: Medikrebs
Specialty: Gynecology Instruments
Material: German Stainless Steel