Adson Self Retaining Retractor Blunt Prongs 3 x 4 Prongs 20 cm – Medikrebs Corp.

Adson Self Retaining Retractor Blunt Prongs 3 x 4 Prongs Straight 20 cm

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Size:  cm
Author: Adson
Product: Self Retaining Retractor
Profile: 3 x 4 Blunt Prongs
Handle Type: Ring Handle
Brand: Medikrebs Corp
Specialty: General Surgery
Material: German Stainless Steel
Competitor Codes: 15-737-26


Instrument Details:

The Adson Self Retaining Retractors are multi-purpose retractors that can be used to hold back critical tissues, such as the cerebellum in intracranial procedures. They are scissor like devices, with lightweight finger ring handles, a self-retaining ratchet mechanism and two long blades that have a central lateral arch. Each blade features multiple descending prongs with blunt tips to allow atraumatic tractions that avoid inadvertent injury to the surrounding tissues. The retractor is 20 cm long. Medikrebs manufactures Adson Self Retaining Retractors from premium quality stainless steel that can be readily sterilized and continue to deliver superior performance in your surgical practice.